Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Presidential Debate Meltdown

Round two of the presidential debate (October 7) held at Belmont University in Nashville, TN between Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain, proved to be no more than a finger pointing, misquoting, unconventional Town Hall style meeting, which was frankly a bit of a challenge for NBC’s news reporter, Tom Brokaw, to moderate.

There was obvious tension between both candidates during the debate, but Sen. McCain’s anxious pacing during Sen. Obama's response to key questions was quite a spectacle. I wondered if he was rehearsing for a rock concert, in which he’s a backup singer. Perhaps, they both needed to join hands and sing, “We are the world” or something, because the divisive heat between them will not help America.

With less than a month before elections, both candidates are yet to lay out a clear plan on their provisions for: undertaking our economic crisis; reforming healthcare; and, resolving the war in Iraq, which has become a rising concern for most Americans. Instead, accusations and defensiveness seem to be taking center stage.

Sen. Obama speaks of “change” but a “change” is not going to come about if there isn’t a distinct plan. Sen. McCain’s “straight-talk express” might be on a fast track to derailment, since day-by-day he has less facts to substantiate his claims. Perhaps they both need to watch the news instead of being in the news to realize that America needs more than “straight talk” to fix this current economic crisis.

A recent government 700 billion bailout did nothing but ricocheted stocks on Wall Street causing them to plummet 700 points or more. Market crash, foreclosure, bankruptcies, devaluating dollar, recession and inflation... all telltale signs of an economy that is definitely hurting! And, one can only hope that a repeat of the Great Depression, which began on Wall Street in 1929 [when the stock market crashed] and lasted throughout the 1930s and early 1940s, is not imminent.

While I am confident America will recover from its economic crisis, it is a sad reality to watch America—one of the richest and most powerful nations on earth—struggle to maintain its supremacy.

In light of America’s financial crisis, I’m beginning to wonder if either candidate, Sens. Obama and McCain, is really ready or capable of being the next Commander-in-Chief—given the challenge he will face to repair a broken economy.

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Marc A. Medley said...

Not having seen the third presidential debate (I will watch it online at CNN.com) I found the first two to be yawns with both candidates pretty much repeating rehearsed phrases and sound bites. I did get a kick however out of Senator Obama when he responded to Senator McCain with his quip that he "has a bracelet too."

I actually found the vice-presidential debates to be more lively and feisty. Even if Governor Palin did not know what she was talking about, she at least appeared to know and expressed some energy. Senator Biden also came across with a sense of energy.

It would be great for the two presidential candidates to have a true debate on the actual issues. Perhaps each candidate really ought to watch Denzel Washington and company in THE GREAT DEBATERS and see how issues are actually debated.

Again, not having seen the third and final debate as of yet, I can only hope that this type of debate was had and not a rehashing of the same old tired lines that have gone on throughout both campaigns. While I applaud Senator McCain's service to our country and his horrific experience as a POW, I am really tired of hearing about it, nor does it automatically qualify him to be the next president of the United States.

I agree with Ms. Preudhomme in wondering is anyone truly ready to take on this mess that we are in as a result of some really poor decision making by our politicians from the top down. Say what you will about Bill Clinton and all of his personal antics, he kept us out of war and out of recession. Let's Talk Truth.