Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Protocol No-No

By the time the media got a hold of the royal protocol no-no—First lady Michelle Obama touching Her Majesty Elizabeth Queen of England at a small gathering in Buckingham Place—the world was able to get a clear picture of how obsessed American media can be with matters of zero relevance. Even the Brits wondered what the big to-do was all about. And, as the massive media frenzy took center stage, there was no limit to accessing the infamous clip with Michelle Obama putting her arm around the Queen. There was even a survey on whether Michelle’s action was excused under the circumstances, considering the Queen put her arm around Michelle first, or if she was simply out of line. Geez.

For approximately two days the media didn’t seem to care whether we were in or out of a recession. The breach of royal protocol became the hottest foreign news since Bush dodged a reporter’s shoe in Iraq. Frankly, the media could have made a killin’ had they sold the infamous clip for a penny times the trillion times they showed the bloody thing. America could have cut their deficit, paid China off, ended the war in Iraq and have the Queen put her arms around both President and Mrs. Obama for their brilliance.

I really don’t wanna refuel this media irrelevance, but I will say just this: perhaps the Queen needs to be briefed on the protocol for greeting a sistah from the South Side of Chicago. Procedure #1: Don’t put your arm around her if you don’t know her like that. You could get b**ch-slapped.

Copyright © 2009 Denrique Preudhomme


Timothy N Stelly Sr said...

Because the President and first lady are in the embryonic stages of their White House residency, and have yet to create a Bush-like or Clintonesque (read Lewinsky) faux pas, the media is apt to make much ado about nothing.
Wasn't it a protocol no-no when G. Bush the Elder barfed in the lap of the Japanese Prime Minister? Everyone thought that was either funny or excusable because the President was ill.
Second, all that unnecessary and childish pomp and circumstance surrounding the queen is irrelevant. The Brits need to join the twenty-first century.
Kings and Queens are what kids pretend to be, not what grown ass people with mucho dinero do. They're supposed to act GROWN UP. Instead they're just playing out a fantasy.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Tim. I thought the same about Great Britain's protocol. When will it end?

The media needs to get over it.

Not to worry, we have our own King and Queen in America and they come from the Ghetto of Chicago. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Your words are so true Denrique. We major on the minors in order to divert attention from what is important.


Charlii said...

In all sincerity the Queen of England didn't wear her traditional gloves she uses to greet guests and she did caress The First Lady first out of what seemed to be honest affection. So lets give her some credit. We all can learn and teach our children a little etiquette (and a little respect) that we can borrow from countries that seem to hold on to morals and values that we have lost here in America. CNN, Larry King and the like should be ashamed of airing that nonsense that should be saved for the Soup and TMZ. That useless airtime didn't teach us here in America how to stimulate our economy and I'm sure we were the laughing stock of the G-20 for making it such a media frenzy. As a matter of fact, I am spending too much time commenting on this, for I have a sick child to attend to and to teach some morals and manners!