Sunday, June 14, 2009

Anyone For A Shark & Bake or A Bake & Shark?

On my most recent visit to Trinidad a close friend of mine asked me to enjoy a Shark n’ Bake for him. I have personally never had a Shark n’ Bake, although I am a native of Trinidad, but Shark n’ Bake has seemingly become one of our national dishes over the years. A piece of lightly battered fried Shark between a slice of pitta-like bread is what foreigners call a Shark n' Bake, but Trinidadians call a Bake n’ Shark.

You see, we Trinidadians are very meticulous about our presentation of food. Shark n’ Bake could mean a piece of fried Shark and a piece of Bake lying beside each other on a plate. No, that is not the way we want to represent Bake n’ Shark, especially since it has been inducted into our national dish hall of fame. The Bake takes precedence over anything it is served with: Bake n’ Saltfish; Bake n’ Smoke-herring; and, even Bake n’ Cheese. Whatever it is served with it has to be in the form of a sandwich to confirm its legitimacy.

Trinidadians will tell you, if you want to taste a good Bake n’ Shark, go to the Queen’s Park Savannah [it is a huge circle] in Port-of-Spain or Maracas Bay Beach on the Northern range and you are sure to find the best Bake n’ Shark with some fresh coconut water to wash it down.

I know it seems uncanny, if not hypocritical to be an activist for Bake n’ Shark when I have never had the bloody thing myself, but, I simply never ate fish when I lived in Trinidad. Nonetheless, I plan on traveling to the Queen’s Park Savannah on my next visit to Trinidad, and by golly, or rather, by the hook or by the crook—as we say in Trinidad—I am going to enjoy a Bake n’ Shark to legitimize my activism for the cause!

Anyone for a Bake n’ Shark?

Note: In June 2009, I took a trip to the Queen’s Park Savannah for some fresh coconut water. I got there too early for a Bake n’ Shark. Sales usually begin at 12 noon.

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Charlii said...

You have not lived until you have tried Denrique's mother's Bake! (She gave me her recipe but I still can't get it to taste like's worth taking a trip to T&T just to eat some!)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes bake and shark is also washed down with a cooold carib beer.Trust me I have tried this before and boy was it good,especially when that sun is so hot and you're ready to pass out.