Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Darker Shade of Cambridge for Professor Gates

Lawd! When Al Sharpton gets his hands on this, it is likely to trigger a Black In America 3.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., national black scholar and Harvard professor was arrested on Thursday afternoon (July 16) upon entering his home after having trouble unlocking his door.

According to the Cambridge police officer who arrested Gates, his investigation into a break-in resulted in an arrest for disorderly conduct after Gates exhibited “loud and tumultuous behavior.” What the heck did he expect? I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be irate after a police officer repeatedly interrogated them for struggling to unlock their door, far less a brotha who lives in a white neighborhood.

If I were Gates, I’d lobby Congress to pass a bill that would support “loud and tumultuous behavior” when being racially profiled. I’d tell Congress they need to even the playing-field between innocent black men and big bad wolves who come along and huff, and puff, and then pull the race card.

According to a recent report by the Federal Reserve, national black wealth remains lower than that of white wealth, and is declining due to the recession. Therefore, black folks should legally be entitled to “loud and tumultuous behavior” when asked unnecessary questions about their assets.

Perhaps Gates’ incident would trigger a Back-up-Off-A-Brotha Law, a law which would require law enforcement to respect brothas who earn luxury vehicles, picket fence homes and initials behind their names.

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Pat Arnold said...

As my father used to say, "You can be right--dead right." Outrage is always an option when confronted by police, but it's not a wise one. Dr. Gates is smart enough to know that.

Responding to an affront with belligerence is as effective as responding to violence with more violence. It doesn't work. The violence, whether verbal or physical, merely escalates.

This was an opportunity for Dr. Gates to let his Christ Light shine, but he never flipped the switch, as further evidenced by the position he took on forgiveness. Dr. Gates certainly no believer in "70 times 7." I was very disappointed when Dr. Gates indicated that he would forgive Officer James Crowley IF he judged Officer Crowley's apology to be sincere.

"Judge not, lest ye be judged" aside, how about: Forgive us our trespasses AS we forgive others'? Would Dr. Gates--or any of us--want to meet someone's arbitrary criteria in order to be forgiven for our mistakes?

This is a reap-what-you-sow world. As A Course in Miracles reminds us: "You accept God's forgiveness by extending it to others." That's talking Truth.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Pat Arnold, I don't agree with your comments. As far as I know, Dr. Gates was trying to get into his house and once inside handed over his ID. Yes, he probably flew off the handle, but I can see this given the fact that it's a common occurence for AA men to encounter this type of behavior from law enforcement officers, especially those with a gun on their hip, and they are tired of it. Sounds to me like the officer from this small town (where was it?) saw an opportunity to make a name for self--look folks, I done snagged me one of them upperty N****s.

As Dr. Gates said, he should use this incident as a lesson in diversity training.

I'm sorry, but I don't believe in constantly turning the other cheek and "letting God handle it." God saw to it that Dr. Gates got a higher education and I'm fairly sure he would want the good Doctor to use it and not walk away from this with his tail between his legs.

Pat Arnold said...

No argument, Ms. Miller. I understand that everyone does not agree with the teachings of Jesus. That's why these situations are created, nurtured, and repeated.

Marc A. Medley said...

I am absolutely amazed that someone as well known in that area as Dr. Gates was not known by the police. You would think that if they did not know any other African American in that area (well at least the mayor...for she is African American too), they would have known him. I tend to agree that none of them handled it in the best way; however, I could also see Dr. Gates getting aggravated if he asked for the badge number and it was not given, particularly once it was established that they were indeed in Dr. Gate's home. If the officer's investigation was being followed as called for by procedure, that should not have been an issue. Certainly, cooler heads could have prevailed. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Dr. Gates could have easily found out who the officer was at his house and took action that would have been much more effective at getting the message out about the treatment to many African Americans by police.

Anonymous said...

I managed to find the Cambridge PD report of this incident. Gates should be ashamed of himself. He's not however. He got himself arrested for just cause all due to his behavior. He tried very hard to play the victim but I'm not buying it. Don't you buy it. My message for black men is not to emulate him in this case, you could be injured or killed. The PD nation wide has authority under the law. Don't play games with those who have such authority. There were other witnesses onsite both PD & public. You ought to read the report for yourself. I found it, you find it! But then it appears Gates is going to get a free beer out of the deal so it's all good....right?

Pat Arnold said...

I wholeheartedly agree that he's not a victim here. It would be great if you'd share the link with us. :-)

Denrique said...

I don't believe a single thing cops say! My father was a cop and he promised me a little pink bike...I never got it. (I'm just kidding. lol)

Nonetheless, I truly appreciate your comments!

FYI: I'm in support of no one. My blogs are political satire; therefore, they are likely to get folks riled-up, if not exhibiting "lord and tumultuous behavior."

Umm...perhaps I'll use that as my disclaimer. lol

Pat Arnold said...

Found the reports filed by both officers on the scene in Cambridge:

I'm even more convinced now that this was merely a case of Ego run amok. I hope their meeting over beer was much more entertaining for both gentlemen.