Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Really Pissed Hillary Clinton Off

Where the heck was Officer Sgt. Crowley when Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was caught exhibiting “Loud and tumultuous behavior” in the Democratic Republic of Congo? She’s lucky she didn’t get arrested for finally being exasperated about the media’s constant stabs to diminish her, because she’s a woman.

According to the Associate Press, Clinton’s testy response came following a question lost in translation from a Congolese university student at a town-hall meeting in Congo on Monday (August 10). “Wait. You want me to tell you what my husband thinks?” She asked, bluntly. “My husband is not the Secretary of State, I am,” she affirmed.

In other words: Don’t get it twisted! Just because her husband, former President Bill Clinton succeeded in a humanitarian mission in North Korea—securing the release of two American journalists who had been arrested and were serving 12-year sentences—does not mean her title is relinquished. Like Bill, Hillary is quite capable of succeeding at any diplomatic mission. Although, I doubt Bill could out-dance those Kenyans the way she did when she gyrated almost to the ground.

I don’t blame the woman one bit for snapping. To heck with a façade for the media, she’s pissed that America chose to undermine her capability by choosing her husband to undertake a diplomatic mission. Isn’t that the duty of a Secretary of State? They’re lucky she didn’t literally put a million cracks in their ceilings.

Frankly, the lesson here is simple; don’t ask a woman anything about what her husband thinks while she’s sitting at work. Who cares what he thinks?? She’s the one who’s sitting there.

Nonetheless, like her race for the White House, I am sure Hillary has put this incident behind her and is focused on her mission in Africa, mainly her efforts to urge Congo to put a stop to an epidemic of sexual violence in their nation.

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stellbread said...

Yes, Hillary was undermined, but I think that was due to Obama's long memory. He knows what he's dealimg with--a potential for for the Democratic nomination should his policies fail.

North Korea wanted Bill, so they too, took down her cred. Don't be s8urprised if next time they call on Bill Richardson.

Marc A. Medley said...

I have to admit, I found her knee jerk response to be hilarious when listening to the sound bite on the radio. I too can understand her frustration; however, I am sure her audience did not. That was a comical set of circumstances that definitely could be used for much satire. Even Bill's trip to rescue "two women" had its irony. I'm sure he told the North Korean leadership team, "C'mon now, if there is anyone who knows about women, it's me." Certainly the Clintons are an interesting couple to say the least. Hillary is correct; she is the Secretary of State. Bill had and for the most part still has his day in the limelight.

Anonymous said...

Both Stellbread and Marc's comments were spot on. I laughed at her response, but also wondered why the President would secretly send Bill on a mission that should have been taken on by the Secretary of State.

Man, I bet Hillary chewed Bill out when he came home. He's still in the dog house as a result of his little escapade years ago.

Wonder what she said to President Obama? Ha!

Nadine said...

I think that it wasn't so much Obama's long memory, as it is that we do not have true diplomatic relations with North Korea at this time. We can't send the Secretary of State to a nation that we technically aren't talking to....The Clintons are unique in that they are a package deal -- sending Bill appeases the N. Koreans need for someone "high ranking," but not sending Hilary means that the mission could only be classified as humanitarian and of no diplomatic, when a woman is too good for the job, send in her husband!!!! p.s. snapping at a Congolese university student...not too smooth I think. After all, there are cultural, language, and other barriers galore in that situation. She needed to be cool.