Friday, August 7, 2009

Who’s Wearing The Pantsuit Now?

Tuesday afternoon I tuned in to CNN while sipping a cup of tea by Teastro™. My mother always says, “no news, is good news,” but for me, no news is bad news and “breaking news” always triggers my proverbial two-cents.

42nd President, Bill Clinton is being praised for undertaking a mission which led to the release of two American journalists who were captured in North Korea and serving 12-year prison sentences. According to CNN, the girls were released on Tuesday (August 4) after Clinton met with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong II during an unannounced visit to North Korea.

What does Clinton’s wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thinks about all of this? I bet she’s wondering who’s really wearing the pantsuit in the Obama Administration. Moreover, why did they choose Bill to undertake a mission that involved young women?

Bill probably spent all night after his return from North Korea trying to convince Hillary that he, “did not have sexual relations with,” those two women. Then again, at age 62, Billy boy must be flattered to have two women indebted to him without the use of Viagra.

Unlike the wives of former Gov. James McGreevey and Sen. Larry Craig, Hillary has proven that she will not stand at Bill’s side during a press conference of admission. One more indiscretion and he’ll be Living History! He’s lucky she didn’t throw all his shit on the front lawn of the White House after the Lewinsky scandal.

Nonetheless, for the Clinton’s sake, I hope that it was nothing but diplomacy that led Bill Clinton to North Korea. I hope that his astuteness in this matter opens the door to North Korea resuming six-party talks regarding their nuclear weapons program which could lead to a de-nuclearization policy and free us from being prisoners of fear.

Copyright © 2009 Denrique Preudhomme
Note: Teastro ™ is a tea company based in Bowie, MD. The names of its teas were inspired by the owner’s travels to Trinidad & Tobago. My personal favorite is Savannah Park (a Honey-bush tea).


Anonymous said...

What is Lewinsky doing these days. Bill came out the stud ans she came out the fill in the blank. I wonder what her resume says? LOL

Pat Arnold said...

According to the New York Times, Hillary was involved in this decision. The women's boss, former VP Al Gore also personally asked Mr. Clinton to go.

mel said...

my theory is that they chose bill because of his sex appeal ;-) did you see that pic of him next to kim jong il looking serious and sexy at the same time? he's still good for something.