Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Three O’Clock Taboo

Have you noticed that three o’clock in the morning seems to be the most taboo time on earth? Other than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s commercial about the red phone ringing at 3 a.m. during her presidential campaign in 2008 (which was clearly designed to indicated her 24/7 availability), anything that happens remotely close to three o’clock in the morning is a definite no-no! And, anything that happens after midnight automatically translates to the abominable three o’clock taboo.

Here are a few examples of the three o’clock taboo:

  • According to most women, a cheating husband [no matter the hour] “brought his ass home at three o’clock in the morning!”

  • A ringing telephone is the most annoying at three o’clock in the morning.

  • An infant’s playful nocturnal coo translates to an adult’s weary night, and subsequently the three o’clock taboo. “He won’t sleep. He plays until three o’clock in the morning.”

  • A high school senior’s breech of midnight curfew always results in parents’ hysteria and inaccurate count of time. “Is he crazy? He came home at three o’clock this morning!”

  • Insomnia means, being up until three o’clock in the morning or waking up at three o’clock in the morning and staying awake until 6 a.m.

  • A crime is seemingly the most difficult to grasp when it happens at, “three o’clock in the morning, they robbed that poor little old lady?”

  • Folks seem to break-up at three o’clock in the morning, and then, they call you crying.

I don’t know about you, but most nights, I get to bed at three o’clock in the morning, and on Friday nights I dread my sleep interruption, due to my neighbor’s loud obsession with Betty Wright’s Clean-Up Woman at three o’clock in the morning. What’s your three o’clock taboo? Does it beat mine?

Copyright © 2009 Denrique Preudhomme


Monica "Dr. mOe" Anderson said...

This is too hilarious. Funny, I always wake up hungry at 3 AM! Keep up the good work.

Marc A. Medley said...

There are only two things I want to be doing at 3:00 in the morning one is sleeping and the other is............(enough said).

Anonymous said...

I might get arrested for telling anyone about my 3am taboo;)


Anonymous said...

Most annoying...the trannies doing their catcalls outside my window 3am! Are they crazy?!?!


Anonymous said...

Someone calling me at 3 in the morning to tell me so-and-so just died. First, I'm old and don't want to hear about death in the middle of the night. Second, there ain't a damn thing I can do about death. Third, if I'm awaken and listen to you cry yourself to sleep while I'm thoroughly awake, I'm comin' to get ya.