Friday, December 18, 2009

Passenger 15C: Discrimination Aboard

In this-day-and-age, one would think that folks, who work for huge corporations, read the memo on discrimination, especially knowing that their actions could cause legal ramifications for their employers—trigging law suits that could cost them their jobs. Perhaps the Delta Airlines’ Flight Attendant on Flight DL 1700 to Atlanta, GA did not get that memo.

Flight DL 1700 at 6:45 a.m. out of Austin, TX, had me in route to Washington, DC connecting in Atlanta, GA. During the flight, I pulled my meal tray down intending to have a complimentary beverage. To my dismay, the Flight Attendant asked the gentleman seated beside me if he would like to have a beverage, then, she completely ignored me and asked the passengers seated adjacent to me.

Initially, I gave her the benefit of the doubt, since a simple inquire could result in a reputation of “loud and tumultuous behavior.” I waited while she took their orders, but then, I cogitated. I recalled her actions when she tuned away quickly to avoid taking my order. At that moment, I was certain I had become the victim of discrimination; ironically, having been one of two passengers [I noticed] of African descent aboard the aircraft (the other was seated in First Class).

As the Flight Attendant pushed her snack/beverage cart passed me, she confirmed her actions—which prompted me to declare mine!

I refuse to be a victim of discrimination aboard Delta Airlines or any other airlines! I travel nationally and internationally frequently throughout each year, and I have never been subjected to such utter and blatant disrespect/discrimination in the history of my travels.

It is unfortunate to discount an entire company due to one person’s foolish actions. However, my decision is clear! I will not use Delta Airlines for future travels, unless I am amicably compensated for my disparaging experience!1

Delta Airlines, you have just been ejected! Passenger 15C is still aboard, but with another airline.

Copyright© 2009 Denrique Preudhomme. All Rights Reserved.

1 Delta Airlines were officially notified of my travel experience. This matter is pending.


Anonymous said...

I really hope that you make an example of them and the company would put such persons to shame

Anonymous said...

That’s it Delta is boycotted! I doubt that she was unable to see you sitting in seat 15C, but let’s say that she did. Once she handed the beverage to the passenger next to you and realized there was nothing on the tray for you. Might it not have been courteous to ask if you would like a drink? Gotta wonder……hhhhmmmm… Big Fish!