Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Are You On A Path To Create Your Best Life Ever?

Yesterday I received an email from my girlfriend, Natasha Haughton-Allrich, a Life and Business Success Coach, Author and owner of Vision Natasha’s email on What is the Fastest Path to Create Your Best Life in 2010? resonated with me. It was at that moment I realized that I had began to create my best life for 2010 and beyond.

For the past eight months, I had somewhat lost sight of living my best life. I had been miserable and denied it because I was determined to not let a decision I made fail. However, learning to live with a bad decision is a compromise no one should endure.

I am a believer in taking risks. I believe that risk is important for growth. But, in June 2009, when I packed up my Capitol Hill, DC home and moved to Austin, TX, it was a huge risk that became unfulfilling.

A lack of professional connections and affinity groups had completely stifled me. I had begun to feel disconnected from civilization—a nonconforming realization I had not experienced in my entire life. My heart began to yearn for the comfort of familiarity. My inner peace felt interrupted and my spirits in disarray. That was when I knew my move to Austin had run its course.

Finally, [last weekend] I purchased a one-way ticket back to Washington, DC! My mind was at peace the second I boarded the aircraft and my heart felt at ease the minute I landed. It was then that I began my journey to create my best life once again and for always.

Have you begun to create your best life ever? Or, are you on a path to create it? Go head, examine yourself. If you find that you are wondering about a decision you made, it is probably not the best decision for you. If you feel fulfilled about it, then you have just created a path to begin living your best life ever!

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Pat Arnold said...

It takes the courage to set aside ego and admit that we've made a poor decision. Congratulations on fully capitalizing on the growth opportunity that presented itself here!

Yvonne McCalla Sobers said...

Hi Denrique,

Congratulations on the steps you have taken to create your best life ever. I can certainly relate to your refusing to allow yourself to be trapped by a bad decision.

Taking risk can feel like leaving firm earth to walk a tightrope above a ravine without a safety net. But the big payoff for is the freedom to create our best lives. One of my favourite proverbs is: "If we go forward we die; if we go backward we die; better go forward and die." (South Africa - Zulu)

So forward on the path to our best lives ever!



Keisha Mack said...

Welcome back to your best life. We are glad to have you home!

Yvonne S. said...

This is a very revelant and much needed subject. Seems as though most of my friends that are my age are feeling the crunch of the economy. I think that the year of 2009 was disastruous for just about everyone walking the planet. I would have to say that it was one of the worst years of my life. It was prophecized to me last year, that it would be the worst year of my life. And I was pissed, for having gotten the revelation. It wasn't THE worst, but it was certainly one of the worst. I made a promise to myself and God, that if I could get through 2009, then I would try my damnest to make some changes in my life this year. And I am keeping true to that promise. I am making life changes this year, that are hurtful, to not only myself, but to those around me. Hurtful in the short term, but cathartic in the long term. But I'm more concerned with me right now, for those around me, have been the catalyst for my financial demise. All my life, I have devoted myself to helping others and making them happy. It started when I was a kid, helping my mother with my baby sister, and my life of service just took on a life of it's own throughout the years. I could be so much further in life if I were a selfish person. Maybe! But I'm not a selfish person, and I DO believe that everything happens as it is supposed to and in the order that it is supposed to happen. I say that, to say, that NOW I will take care of me. I will still be selfless, because that's who I am, but I will not continue to give to the point where it robs me of my spirit. To the point where I am emotionally drained. To the point where I am bitter about all of the time lost, and the dreams deferred, due to my "settling" and sitting in the background "waiting for another day" before change gone come. Change is coming NOW! I'm taking my life back NOW! As I said in my last blog, I am going to walk away from my house that I have worked so hard to attain. And up to this point, this decision has meant failure to me. But after talking to friends, I was told that failure would mean to stay in this house and continue to suffer financially, all for the sake of appearances and saving face. Just "smoke and mirrors". As each day passes, I've come to the resolve that I have to walk away. I accomplished what I set out to do, but it still hurts to take this drastic step because this move will color my financial future for quite some time. And that means destroying the great credit that I so masterfully earned up to this point. I will have to start over completely. It's a very "humbling" experience. I was always taught growing up to put others before me. Now I know that it's okay to take care of me first. I'm my best advocate and commodity. I have got to take a step backwards, but I in doing so, I also have to take a step forward.....and keep moving forward. I gave of myself, my time, and my money, in the past, even when I didn't have it. And that, is one of the very reasons that I am in this position today. But I will take most of the blame for that because noone can do anymore to you, than you allow. So it is with this, that I am on the path to creating my best life. I may not get there this year. But this year will definitely be a start. I'm taking "ME" back this year. And I hope that I am preaching to the choir, cause it seem as though we can all learn a lesson from this. Self preservation! Sanity! Wisdom! And I also wish the best life to all to have participated in this forum.

Yvonne S.

Amaela said...

Congratulations on the revelation. I am right there with you. Sometimes what seems a setback is actually the thing that will propel us to our true destiny. I believe that wholeheartedly, and I'm claiming the victory and the blessing. Admitting the truth and being humble, I think, also clears room for new and better things to come into our lives.
So, yep, I'm ready to live my best life! Thanks for this note.