Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Virtual Drink To Fight This Recession

With the national unemployment rate still at an alarming 9.7%, finances remains the core reason a number of stressed-out folks are having one too many social drinks.

In the past year, I cannot begin to tell you how many times someone has invited me out for a drink to discuss their financial woes. Lay offs, foreclosure, credit crisis, bankruptcy and more seem to be the ingredients for a stiff drink.

I have always been a social drinker, but with this economic recession, I can see how a social drinker could easily become a social drunk! Believe me when I say, I literally cannot afford to become a social drunk. In fact, I encourage folks to call me [mobile to mobile] using my Anytime Mobile minutes to discuss their problems. This way, I can avoid the financial backlash of too many social drinks.

Actually, I recommend virtual drinks. A Mojito that’s made in Cuba, but banned from America, a Cosmopolitan that’s ethnically restricting, a Long Island Ice—with only the Tea, and a Tom “Who the heck is he?” Collins. With virtual drinks, who needs alcohol to add to their financial problems? Besides, inebriation is useless in the fight for survival. A sober head is perhaps the best way to fight this recession!

The reality of this recession has wreaked so much havoc throughout the nation more and more Americans are faced with frustration, depression, divorce, health problems and sadly, even suicide—as a result.

I am definitely not going to contribute to people’s financial woes by accepting their offers to drink. Folks just need to take me off their list of people to call for a drink. I don’t care if they “unfriend” me, “unskype” me, or “untweet” me, as long as I am off their alcohol list. However, my shoulders are always available to lean on. Don’t hesitate to call. I’ll be right here sipping on a White USSR, a virtual White Russian that does not exist.

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stellbread said...

I read recently where booze sales are up, only people are going to the cheaper brands. The number one hard rink in America? Vodka, but people are not "getting their Goose on," but they are drinking brands like Popov and Gilbey's.

The only recession ptoof industries: Tobacco. a;cohol, funeral parlors.

Anonymous said...

You have strike the nail directly on the head my dear. In tough times most of us try drowning our sorrows in alcohol, only to resurface and find those problems plus another costly one (alcoholism) steering us in our eyes.
But saying that I shall still raise ah toast with you "CHEERS"!!!! LOOOL