Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cougar Town

Recently, I received an e-mail from a young man [I do not know] bearing a bunch of handsome compliments. He was very polite and quite intrigued by the fact that I am 21 years his senior.

As a business owner, I try to respond to each e-mail I receive, and since I offer a wide range of writing services, it is not uncommon for a 22 year old to contact me. College essays are the most popular request for service amount that age group and the demand for an impossible turnaround time seem to be the same. However, this young man was neither requesting my service nor demanding my time. He was straight up propositioning me to go to Cougar Town.

A cougar is a mountain lion, a member of the felidae family and a capable stalk-and-ambush predator. He pursues a wide variety of prey and is very territorial. Ironically, an older woman who hunts for much younger and energetic men is commonly referred to as a cougar. It does not matter whether the youngster pursued her or she pursued him, she gets hit with the title and her reality becomes the world she lives in—Cougar Town.

I generally try to not be the hand that rocks the cradle, but admittedly, it is flattering to be sought after by a younger man. I cannot imagine what I would have in common with a man old enough to be my son. Play Station and Xbox do not tickle my fancy and I doubt whether Forbes Magazine or CNN would tickle his.

“I’ve always been attracted to older women,” he admits.
“What’s wrong with girls your age?” I asked.
“They are too uncertain,” he responded.

I wanted to tell him that uncertainty is a trait in women. Instead, I pointed out the difference between older and younger women as it relates to uncertainties. Younger women are uncertain because they believe they have time to become certain. Older women have already explored all of their uncertainties and are certain they have past that stage—which is exactly why I am trying to avoid Cougar Town.

Frankly, a polite and unrelenting youngster is enough temptation to make me want to leap into the past and pull out my bag of Cougar tricks, but I am too afraid to face the consequences in the future.

That’s right. Noooo sir! I am staying miles away from Cougar Town. I will get my fresh spinach and meats uptown. I am available for mentorship only. Bring your birth certificate to sign up. Oh, and a cell phone number… just in case I change my mind.

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In photo: Supermodel Janice Dicksinson who, according to TMZ, is said to have a cougar dating show in the works.


Yvonne S. said...

Very cute......and timeley!!

Yvonne S.

stellbread said...

n. I'm a 50-year-old man and a few weeks ago I walked past a gathering of four or five young ladies in their late teens maybe early 20's and I heard one say, "That old man has some healthy looking legs." (I use to walk a lot).
After hearing that, had I been able to, I would have turned back flips all the way home.

Anonymous said...

Well I think I still have a little "cat" left in me;).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have a bit of cat left in me at age 74 as well, but I know the consequences of this kind of relationship. It can erode my self-confidence and harder on me than the young man. I love talking to energetic, intelligent, RESPECTFULL young men.

Interesting conversation.

P.S. would I be considered a Cougar if I dated a man 11 years younger? Just asking. Ha!