Saturday, June 26, 2010

“Mad”-vertising Services

Understandably, this economic recession has caused adverse effects on a number of small businesses. As consumer spending goes down, revenue for small business owners becomes unpredictable. Their expenses go up when inflation starts pinching their wallets. But, I question the savvy of small business owners who choose to resort to peculiar measures in order to stay afloat. Or, is this recession really that bad?

Last week, as I exited the Union Station metro in Washington, DC, I was approached by a middle-age gentleman who was unrelenting in his effort to give me a flyer. After subjecting to his persistence, I discovered that the flyer was a handwritten advertisement for a hair salon. Are you kiddin’ me? Or rather, was he kiddin’ me? In this age of technology, not only is that method of advertising obsolete, it is perceivably shady. In fact, that’s not advertising, that’s “Mad”-vertising. And, to add insult to injury, dude did not even have a business name or address on his carefully crafted, photocopied “Mad”-vertising piece. Who in their right mind would purchase services from a no-name company without a location?

Frankly, dude would probably fare better if he got himself a megaphone and a President Obama voiceover to advertise his business. But, as far as his Finger Waves and Jerry Curls services... good luck with finding someone in the year 2010 and beyond to rock that hairstyle.

All-in-all, I give him kudos for his endeavor. Any man brave enough to hand write an advertisement, make multiple copies, and distribute them on the street corner, is a man strong enough to survive this economic recession.

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Pat Arnold said...

True dat! What he lacks in creativity, he compensates with cluelessness. LOL!

Denrique said...

For real! That's fuuny Pat. Lol