Monday, November 29, 2010

The N Word

America, a land of many great things, historically, and presently, yet it seems to hold on to its dreadful history of segregation.

Last week, as I journeyed to work, I saw a black Chevy parked in the right lane of flowing traffic on the highly traveled Northwest Wisconsin Avenue in Tenleytown—a predominantly white neighborhood in Washington, DC. Apart from a traffic ticket affixed between the windshield and its wiper, the most noticeable upheaval was the word "Nigger," which was keyed at the side of the vehicle. I started to take a picture for the purpose of my journalism, but decided against it because of my refusal to subscribe to ignorance. I had even decided to not waste my writing ability reporting on this, but found the incident more of a satirical piece as it lingered on my mind.

Firstly, I wondered how was the author of the note inscribed on the vehicle able to determine the driver's ethnicity. That led me to believe that a "Nigger" is unmistakably a wrongdoer in the mind of a racist. It is perhaps a specific behavior or act, or, maybe anyone who drives a black Chevy. But, moreover, for that Tenleytown coward, a "Nigger" is seemingly, anyone who journeys through a predominantly white neighborhood and commits a violation or crime.

Yes! I call that John Hancock perpetrator a coward, because he and I both know that his racial disease could have resulted in a physical outbreak had he had the balls to reveal himself while committing the act. Frankly, I pity his ignorance, because that idiot actually misspelled the word. I happen to be kind, or rather, the least bit agitated by his senseless bigotry to actually correct his spelling in this article. He had in fact, left a "g" out of the word.

The irony is, with the evolution of educated, privileged and powerful Blacks in America, folks are now confused as to what the N Word really means. Is it Napa Village Blacks? Black folks who vacation to the historic Californian vineyards and hold equal or more knowledge on wines than their counterparts? Or, is it Nominated Blacks? People like Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and President Obama who set precedents for Blacks to aspire and achieve the highest and most prestigious offices? Perhaps it's News & Entertainment Moguls, in reference to Oprah Winfrey and filmmaker Tyler Perry. Or, maybe it's Nike Blacks: Tiger Woods, Michael Jordon and Kobe Bryant who all [at some point] secured the highest sports advertising endorsement.

With such powerful Black trendsetters, I could see how an insignificant Tenleytown racist would get a bit confused with his definition of the N Word. Frankly, it is oxymoronic to use a discriminatory word you cannot spell. Therefore, the joke is really on that Tenleytown "Nitwit!"

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Anonymous said...

This is sad but true. In brief, not worth letting someone elses hate take down two people by wrecking our day or effecting our self confidence.

Yvonne S said...

Very true. The word "nigger" does not refer to color. At least not these days. The word "nigger" is defined by ignorance. or how one lives. ie: a nigger can be a white person who lives in a trailer park. Otherwise known as "trailer trash". There are different variations of the word "nigger", but color is not one of them. Thnaks for the timely and relevant topic! We look forward to your blogs. Keep'em coming.

Yvonne S.