Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hurricane Cheney

After Hurricane Irene swept the East Coast leaving minimal damage but massive floods, residence were left to deal with reptiles, including snakes in their homes and backyards. Among those adversaries was former Vice President, Dick Cheney who apparently caught the Republicans without a sand bag to fend against his fierce tongue-lashing commentary.

Cheney released his biography this month title, The Life and Times of Dick Cheney. Within two days of its release, the political chronicle sparked more controversy than a Lady Gaga outfit. In his stormy, self-complimenting memoir, Cheney takes a stab at his Grand Old Party, lampooning everyone including his former partner in The-War-in-Iraq crime, G. W. Bush—who he previously had a [public] relationship dismantle with. Frankly, I am sure none of it comes as a surprise to the GOP, since Cheney in used to shooting friends in the neck.

In an ABC interview earlier this week, Cheney also took a stab at President Obama. He expressed skepticism in Obama’s confidence to steer America out of its current economic recession and added that Hillary Clinton is the most formidable candidate to succeed him.

The question is: Will Cheney’s attacks help steer the course of the 2012 Presidential election, or will it die quickly resulting in minimal damage just like Hurricane Irene?

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