Tuesday, March 31, 2015

He, Undocumented and Deceased

WASHINGTON, DC -- Preaching, pacing, praying for recognition in a city where power or politics dictates a man’s existent. Alienated and undocumented without concern, unwanted and unmasked, yet unashamed. The irony, the U.S. Government seems to not care about "undocumented aliens" unless they are from foreign territories.

He braved his circumstances a little beyond three decades it would seem, but, the brutal winter – a winter of despair – masked his icy body and covered him with a blanket of death.

I did not know his name, or from whence he came. What I know is that he exuded a level of pride amidst his poverty, as he stood homeless below the NoMa metro train tracks.

Respectfully he preached, and often he waited in silence. Humbly, he accepted my support. I was unencumbered by his infrequent rants, but moved by his respect and lack of provocation. Now, I am extremely saddened by his death.

Copyright © 2015 Denrique Preudhomme. All Rights Reserved.

RIP. In memory of… Mr. He


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One of your best works!!