Friday, June 26, 2015

The Tactless Beggar

Riding a subway train early one morning when a drunken dude entered, "Hi everyone, I got hit by a drunk illegal immigrate who left me damaged, then, he left the country, go figure, so I’m asking for your contributions however small," he announced rapidly.

I wondered whether he was a tactless Republican running for office, in which case, he had a much better pitch than Donald Trump. 

A commiserating chap offered the imbecile some change, while I wondered whether to offer him a piece of my mind. I opted to allow his ignorance to precede him, and his bigotry to become a realization for his circumstances. 

I contend that his phantom "illegal immigrate" is in mighty better shape than he; though his ignorance allowed him to assume superiority, based on differences. 

Go with God, Mr. Speaker, and do not let those train doors hit you, as I am certain Metro does not give a rat's behind about you or your fictitious tale.

Copyright© 2015 Denrique Preudhomme. All Rights Reserved.


Yvonne Spruel said...


Pat Arnold said...

Fascinating how we like to blame others for our condition. Stooping to a slur is a new low. Perhaps he should head over to The Donald's place. He might get some sympathy there.

Denrique said...

Right! Him and Trump would do well. Two tactless imbeciles.